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Re: [wtp-releng] 3.0.3 RC3 actions


To help minimize discussion during our meeting today, and to help catch everyone up to date, I thought I would respond to this note (especially since it is almost all about the Java EE Tools team.)
1) We committed/released changes for 249128, 250004, and 253774. However, 224602 was put on hold for now, pending resolution of issues found by an adopter. (Is the cure worse than the bug? TBD.)
2) 253870 was dropped to normal severity and retargetted to 3.0.4.
3) We moved all but one of the Java EE bugs to 3.0.4, and speaking of that one....
4) What? No asking about the [hotbug] ??? Anyway, 251809 is still there, and I am proposing a patch, but it needs to go through the process.

So, in summary, we still have 2 bugs that *might* cause a respin (with 251809 looking more definite than 224602 right now.) We will have a more concrete answer on this by the public WTP dev call.


- Carl Anderson
WTP programmer
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[wtp-releng] 3.0.3 RC3 actions

Getting ready for 3.0.3 RC3. Our last RC for 3.0.3. Next week will be test week, for bugs verification only, no new bugs will be accepted.

1) Current approved PMC bugs

All current PMC requested bugs are approved. However, the below 4 bugs are not yet resolved.
Please ensure your fixes are checked into the build today, ready to be smoketest in the morning. Thank you!
There are 2 blocker bugs currently opened on the 3.0.3 stream. Please assess if they are indeed critical 3.0.3, and if so, submit for PMC approval ASAP. Thanks!
251274 blo P3 Wind arvera@xxxxxxxxxx NEW When an external war added to a project as an unexploded module fails to package properly and fails deployment
253870 blo P3 Linu jst.j2ee-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW Use maven plugin error.

There are 21 bugs currently still targeted for 3.0.3, please assess and move off or submit for PMC approval today. Thank you!
3.0.3 currently targeted bugs (21)

Please respond to the dev list if you have any new bugs requiring PMC approval. Thanks!


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