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[wtp-releng] Build Setup

I've noticed a LOT of failed builds over this last milestone for the main WTP integration build. That particular build I think only completed successfully once or maybe twice where all the unit tests passed. One of the things that I have noticed is that the full WTP integration build takes 4 hours to complete. While I think that is fine for a nightly build, it seems overly long for an build to really help identify and fix unit tests in a timely manner.

So a suggestion, is there a possibility of setting up smaller builds like is done for the XSL Tools incubator project. This build currently takes about 11 minutes to run when it isn't waiting for to sign the jars. The advantage here is that if any unit tests fail for that particular build, they are pretty much isolated to the particular project, and it makes readily identify which areas are failing. It also might help get people to review the unit tests and address them quicker as well if they know they don't have to wait 4 hours for a build to complete.

Suggestions for individual builds would be by Project or Sub Project:

Source Editing
Web Services

Also, would it be possible to turn off the jar signing for the individual project builds, and only have it enabled during a nightly integration build?


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