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[wtp-releng] Status and outlook of RC3

I know it seems RC3 should be done by now ... but, some last minute fixes have been going in (just for labels, etc., no code changes ... that I'm aware of).

Plus ... I'd like to wait until the download servers are unfrozen this morning, and then do a final build with our RC3 pre-reqs.

So ... final RC3 bits probably won't be ready until 3 or 5 the afternoon.

In the mean time, committers and PMC, continue to work on your testing and any final fixes for RC4, PMC members, please review

Note: while the schedule is tight, by design, I'd like to get all the (approved) RC4 _code_ changes in by Wednesday evening, still,
but I'm pretty sure we will have some documentation-and-NLS-type changes trickling in till Friday, which I think is ok, expected, and minimal risk.

Thanks all,

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