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Re: [wtp-pmc] Need PMC opinions on changing type of review for CQ #11306 (Node.js v.4.4.3)

I don't have a vote here but I'm all for it ;)

But is this not about changing the type of project rather than review ?

i.e. by doing Type A on a CQ then the release of JSDT is going to be a Type A not a Type B and that has a cascading effect on those including it (i.e. WTP and WTP EPP).

I still think this is a good idea I just want to make sure everyone is aware of the implications and it is not just about this single review.


Dear WTP PMC members,

JSDT project aims to redistribute Node.js v.4.4.3 (and later) executables in order to make it possible to run TS Server [2] and/or other software to provide different kind of language related services, like content assisting, validation and so on on user's machines independently of what's installed.

There are some changes happening on Eclipse IP Policy [3], so now there are to types of review available:

- Type A – License Compatibility Review Only (New)
- Type B – Full Review (License Compatibility, Provenance Check, Code Scanned for Anomalies)

With all these changes, we'd like to change the type of the review for CQ #11306 [1] from "B" (Full Review, in which it was initially introduced) to "A" (License Compatibility Review"), which, in our opinion, is the most suitable for our needs.

Could you please reply with your vote "+1" for such a change or "-1" against it?

[1] - node.js, Version: 4.4.3

[2] - TypeScript, Version: 1.8.10

[3] - Eclipse Foundation IP Policy

Thanks in advance,
Victor Rubezhny,

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