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Re: [wtp-pmc] Issues with missing CQ entries...

The page includes a very long list of JAR files that are obviously for testing. The scanner isn't smart enough to deal with these, so I apologise for the noise.

A few libraries jumped out at me. The first one was derby.jar which seems to be included as part of presentation or tutorial materials.

Even if a library is "just for a tutorial", if it is distributed from (including and, it needs to be tracked. This is true for third-party code, and for custom code; i.e. any code in your tutorial stuffed onto is subject to the terms of the IP Policy and the due diligence process.

There is a lot of old stuff on the server. Some of it should probably be moved to to take some pressure off of the mirrors.

Note that the archive server is subject to the same rules regarding IP tracking as the download server.

Let me know if you require assistance.


On 05/29/2012 02:28 PM, Chuck Bridgham wrote:
Hi everyone,

Wayne emailed me earlier today as he was browsing through our IP log submission, and discovered potentially a large amount of
third party libraries that are not tied to CQ's.

If you follow this link:

Along with the large amount of test or sample files that are included in our junits or documentation, we also have many files that may need attention  (axis, ant, commons, derby, jsr*, wsdl,  etc...)

I'm going to send a note today for everyone to take a second look at this particular report.

David - Since most of these "problems" are ancient file references, Is this a case of missing CQ entries?   do we simply need to map them somehow?

Thanks - Chuck

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