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[wtp-pmc] Reminder to approve committer vote for Angelo ZERR

webtools PMC Members,
Voting is complete for Angelo ZERR to receive full Committer status on the
webtools.incubator project. As a PMC member, you can approve or disapprove
this vote through your My Foundation portal page:

More than one week has passed since you received the original email about
approving (or declining) this vote. Angelo ZERR and the other Committers on
the webtools.incubator project are waiting on you. Please use your My
Foundation portal page to approve or decline the vote today.

Vote summary: 3/0/0 with 23 not voting 
   ?  Chuck Bridgham
   ?  Ed Burnette
   ?  William Candillon
  +1  David Carver
   ?  Nitin Dahyabhai
   ?  Naci Dai
   ?  Timothy Deboer
   ?  Stefan Dimov
   ?  Dimitar Donchev
   ?  Neil Hauge
   ?  Oisin Hurley
   ?  Igor Jacy Lino Campista
   ?  Konstantin Komissarchik
   ?  Georgi Konstantinov
   ?  Nevena Manova
   ?  Sam Neth
   ?  Gabriel Petrovay
  +1  Dominik Schadow
   ?  Martin Schmied
   ?  Emil Simeonov
   ?  Raghunathan Srinivasan
   ?  Dimitar Tenev
  +1  Florian Thienel
   ?  Lionel Villard
   ?  Holger Voormann
   ?  David Williams

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