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[wtp-pmc] no WTP PMC meeting till 7/26?

Earlier we said we'd restart our weekly meetings on 7/19 ... would anyone mind waiting an extra week, until 7/26? I've extended my vacation a few days, and while you all could meet without me! and/or I could probably call in from the road, I'm not aware of any pressing business where one week would matter.

If any PMC members want to have the meeting on 7/19, just say the word and we will .... otherwise, let's assume next one will be on 7/26.

Thank you,

From:        David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
To:        wtp-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date:        06/26/2011 11:03 PM
Subject:        [wtp-pmc] Reminder no WTP PMC meeting till 7/19
Sent by:        wtp-pmc-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx

As discussed at our previous meeting, given vacations and holidays, we'll plan our next PMC call for 7/19.

Naturally, things don't stop because we do not meet ... mailing lists and mail will be monitored so don't hesitate to bring up issues or questions.


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