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Re: [wtp-pmc] It is my pleasure to announce ...

It is done.

Welcome aboard, Chuck. Did David tell you about the daily reports you
need to send me?



On 02/24/2011 04:13 PM, David M Williams wrote:
> [This note concludes and documents our discussion from 2/22 PMC Meeting
> ... ]
> Chuck Bridgham has been nominated and unanimously approved to join the
> Chuck has been with WTP since its beginning in 2004 and has lead the
> Java EE project since its inception. Chuck is well known in the WTP
> community, especially for his leadership of the Java EE Project. We look
> forward to his expanded role of helping to lead WTP in Eclipse.
> As per our WTP PMC Policies [1] new members "/...are nominated by and
> voted in by the other PMC members. They are typically Project Leads, but
> do not have to be, and not all project leads are PMC members. One thing
> that sets PMC members apart from other leads or committers is they all
> have committed to (and usually have a vested interest in) seeing all of
> WTP succeed, not just their specific project. One manifestation of this
> is they agree to take on a larger, WTP role that spans all WTP projects,
> such as planning, education, architecture, requirements, etc. /" Of
> current WTP Roles [2],  Chuck would like to contribute to the
> architecture area.
> Mike, per Eclipse Development Process [3], please approve Chuck's
> joining our WTP PMC (or let us know if questions).
> Wayne, after that, please have the appropriate databases updated to
> reflect Chuck's new PMC role.
> Welcome Chuck.
> Thanks,
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> [3]
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