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[wtp-pmc] It is my pleasure to announce ...

[This note concludes and documents our discussion from 2/22 PMC Meeting ... ]

Chuck Bridgham has been nominated and unanimously approved to join the WTP PMC.

Chuck has been with WTP since its beginning in 2004 and has lead the Java EE project since its inception. Chuck is well known in the WTP community, especially for his leadership of the Java EE Project. We look forward to his expanded role of helping to lead WTP in Eclipse.

As per our WTP PMC Policies [1] new members "...are nominated by and voted in by the other PMC members. They are typically Project Leads, but do not have to be, and not all project leads are PMC members. One thing that sets PMC members apart from other leads or committers is they all have committed to (and usually have a vested interest in) seeing all of WTP succeed, not just their specific project. One manifestation of this is they agree to take on a larger, WTP role that spans all WTP projects, such as planning, education, architecture, requirements, etc. " Of current WTP Roles [2],  Chuck would like to contribute to the architecture area.

Mike, per Eclipse Development Process [3], please approve Chuck's joining our WTP PMC (or let us know if questions).
Wayne, after that, please have the appropriate databases updated to reflect Chuck's new PMC role.

Welcome Chuck.



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