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[wtp-pmc] WTP 3.0 Release Themes DRAFT document published..

Hello WTP Community,


Please review the first draft of the WTP 3.0 requirements document located here:


The focus of this document is to identify the set of themes for this release. The document also lays out the structure for capturing the requirements in each of the component areas.


Please give your feedback on the themes including suggestions for new themes. It is also time to submit the features that you would like to see in this release by logging Enhancement Requests in  Bugzilla..


WTP Component Leads:

Please start updating the document with the requirements that you would like to propose for this release. We will review the status for each of the component during the Thursday status meeting. The next milestone is to publish the first draft of the requirements document for community review on July 31, 2007.  The following wiki page has the overall schedule for this process: .




Raghu Srinivasan

WTP PMC Member, Project Lead – JSF Tools Project

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