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[wtp-pmc] WTP bug backlog


As was briefly discussed in the WTP status call last week, we have a growing backlog of bugs (3000+) that we should deal with in some way. David asked me if I could take a look at this and suggest a course of action. Here are my thoughts on how we should proceed:

- Component leads should review all 256 untargeted severity Major and higher bugs
- Component leads should review all 160 bugs with patches attached

That leaves around 2000 untargeted bugs and 500 untargeted enhancements. I think that component leads should also review the 500 untargeted enhancements, as this would be a good exercise for 3.0 planning.

After that I am less certain on what our policy should be. The question is what to do about the remaining 2000 untargeted, non-major bugs (specifically the older ones). Ideally these bugs would be tested against WTP 2.0 to determine if they are still valid, but as you know this is a very big job. The question is whether we can off-load this task onto the community by setting "old" bugs (> 1 year) to "Won't Fix" and providing a comment that says to please re-open if this is still a valid bug. If we do this it is likely that some valid bugs may be lost in the shuffle, and we might annoy some people who spent real time entering good bugs. I'm not sure if this is more desirable than having a large bug backlog for some time to come, but it might be a necessary evil. I suppose that if internal review is not feasible, then doing this will allow WTP development to focus on bugs that are still important to the current community, which is indeed desirable. I think we should discuss this issue further at the meeting tomorrow, or as soon as time permits.


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