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Re: [wtp-pmc] Europa WTP Shutdown criteria

John, I think it was Raghu that had a similar suggestion at our PMC meeting last week. So, you are in good company.

Some of the rest of us more pessimist folks were reluctant to call anything "exit criteria" since in many ways our "ship date" is not very flexible.
(Sure, we could in theory cause a slip in the Europa date, if necessary, or simply withdraw at the last minute ... but, it is hard to imagine
anything serious enough to do that and not already know about it). So, we didn't want to "pretend" we'd stop ship if that's not viable.

I do, however, would like lists and like the idea of have some "check list" (or, ... "score card"?) for component leads to use for what should be done.
And, certainly some would be one for "release", but similarly, there could be one for milestones, and even weekly I-builds as well. I think
some of your initial list you provided for 'brain storming' would apply to weekly builds as well as release builds, so .... I wonder what else distinguishes "release"?
Not to mention, there are some "shoulds" and "musts" associated with Europa plans and agreements.

I think the advantage of a "component score card" is that it just gives a very high level snapshot of a component's health, and even if
it does not 'stop ship", it might be used, as a hypothetical example, to plan a quick maintenance release, instead of waiting until the Europa maintenance.
Not to mention, no one want's their component to be lowest on the score card, so they'd be well motivated to make sure all areas were "passing"  :)

And, while the PMC might have input into this list, I think any committer/contributor is welcome to contributing their opinions and advice in the form
of a checklist, so see no need to keep the joy within the PMC.

John, if this makes sense to you, can you start some wiki pages with these types of check lists? Maybe even look around to see if other projects have similar things?
I'd suggest one for weeklies, one for milestones, and one for releases.
Normally the latter being most important right now, but I think worth doing the others to make it clearer what's different about 'releases' than milestones, etc. (Which
I think mostly is the degree of testing, and length of time since "code was touched")

Thanks for the suggestion ... keep 'em com'in.

John Lanuti/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
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05/16/2007 04:28 PM

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[wtp-pmc] Europa WTP Shutdown criteria


I'd like to add a notion of some shutdown criteria for WTP 2.0 in Europa so we can rest at ease we are delivering a quality deliverable.  This information could be added to the ramp down plan at

My initial items are things like:

Europa WTP Exit Criteria

No resolved, unverified blocker/critical bugs.

No failing JUnits.

No compile errors.

No undocumented access rule violations.

No uninvestigated access rule warnings.

No undocumented adopter breakages.

This list is just to start a PMC brainstorming session.  I'm sure a more cohesive and obtainable list could be created.  I feel this would go a long ways in changing committers mindsets with respect to how serious some of these items are in terms of quality.


John Lanuti
IBM Web Tools Platform Technical Lead, IBM Rational
IBM Software Lab - Research Triangle Park, NC
t/l 441-7861
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