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[wtp-pmc] Draft process for Eclipse nomination to a standards or specification body

The Eclipse Foundation has recently joined several specification organizations, such as the JCP, enabling representatives of Eclipse to participate in specification development where appropriate.  The general rules of engagement are outlined in the "Eclipse Foundation Policy on Interacting with Standards and Specification Organizations".*

* -

The following is a draft process proposal that describes how one might gain approval to represent a project, sub-project, or component in a specification group.  This gaining of approval does not of course ensure membership in a specification group, but rather is a way of managing this process from the Eclipse side.  Acceptance into a specification group will ultimately be up to the specification group and its own process. 

This is a first draft and likely needs work.  I've may have started a bit on the heavy side to try and insure that most of the bases are covered, but we could potentially trim this down some and re-order approvals as necessary. I've also made some minor assumptions, particularly in item #6.  It also seemed like this could be a pretty generic process, so I've tried to generalize this for potential use outside of WTP.

Approval Process
  1. Committer notifies their PMC with a request to serve or nominate someone to serve as a member of a standards or specification group.
    1. This request should be sent to the PMC mailing list and should include the details of which group they intend to join, and why this makes sense from an Eclipse perspective.
  2. The PMC should evaluate the appropriateness of the request and grant approval or disapproval using standard PMC voting procedures.
    1. The PMC should evaluate whether the standards or specification group is appropriate for Eclipse involvement (this determination will ultimately be made by the foundation, but the PMC can direct this request to the EMO).
    2. The PMC should evaluate whether the standard or specification group focus is the right fit for the project, subproject, or component.
    3. Disapproval should come with an explanation on why the request was denied.  Appeals can be made to the EMO.
  3. Upon PMC approval, a formal nomination should be made within the applicable Eclipse project, subproject, or component.
    1. The individual should be nominated or can request nomination.  This nomination should be made on the developer mailing list (or other applicable tool).
    2. This vote should follow the committer voting process for a given Eclipse project. +1 (yes), -1 (no, or veto), and 0 (abstain) / project voting time limits
  4. Upon a successful vote from applicable committers, the PMC should confirm the results of the vote and seek a final approval from the EMO.
    1. The PMC Lead should send all relevant information associated with the request and the PMC's approval of the request to the EMO.
  5. The EMO reviews the request and approves or disapproves it, after which they inform the PMC and nominee of the decision.  A disapproval should come with an explanation on why the request was denied.
    1. The EMO should evaluate whether or not Eclipse is able to participate in the given standards or specification organization and whether the specific group meets the standards set forth in the "Eclipse Foundation Policy on Interacting with Standards and Specification Organizations" document.
    2.  The EMO should confirm that the appropriate procedures were followed.
  6. After all Eclipse approvals have been granted, the nominee can pursue the nomination process of the given group with the assistance of the (Eclipse Representative?) to the standards or specification organization.

Neil Hauge
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