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Re: [wtp-pmc] Community votes for JSF/Dali..

It's not completely obvious, but here are the exact lines from the Dev Process:
  1. At the end of the Review period, the EMO(ED) holds a public advisory vote of all Eclipse Members (which for clarity includes Committers Members as defined in the Bylaws 3.3(d)). Votes may be cast early via the appropriate mailing list, but are not counted until the end of the Review period.
    1. A successful advisory vote requires at least three +1s from the Membership external to the Project's Leadership Chain.
    2. A successful advisory vote requires at least one +1 from each level of the Project's Leadership Chain.
    3. A successful advisory vote requires no upheld -1s. An Upheld -1 is a -1 that is followed within 24 hours by open, transparent, and public justification, and that justification is accepted by the EMO. Rejected -1s count as 0s.
    4. A successful advisory vote requires, if applicable, +1s from each of the Project's Mentors.

So one thing that we do need is a vote from someone on the PMC.  Any volunteers? :)   Since we didn't get any votes right away, I am now soliciting votes from the Dali community.  I think it is just a matter of people knowing that they need to vote, and then knowing whether or not they are eligible. 


raghunathan srinivasan wrote:



All week long I have seen votes for PTP, but none for JSF and Dali. Who can vote? Do we need to actively ask folks to vote?


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