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[wtp-pmc] Re: JavaScript Development Tooling sub-component

Thanks David. I have/had two concerns:

(1) Whether this was a "project" or a "component". There are many ways to make this decisions, so the currently best guideline is "does it release separately?" yes = project, no = component.  Components do not need creation reviews.

(2) "Significant new efforts" need to be announced to the Eclipse membership in some way. Reviews (such as Creation Reviews) are a good way to do this for new projects - new projects being, by definition, significant new efforts. We don't have a good mechanism for this kind of announcement (yet) for significant new components, but the Board has made it clear that it's necessary. Perhaps something in your project plan? (P.S. discussing on the dev and pmc lists are not considered announcements.)

So if you all (PMC) are confident that it's a component, if you could just make the significant new effort public, that would be fine.

> ... have been discussing with the ATF project was them contributing their _javascript_ work to the _javascript_ component of WST. Turns out this is no simple "addition", but a huge effort that deserved "new contribution" effort of having their own team lead, committers, etc. ... simply "business as usual" for WST, since _javascript_ is within our scope.

> Bjorn, does this adequately account for your concerns? Or are you saying that even as a component under WTP it should have a creation review?

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