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[wtp-pmc] EclipseCon long talk submissions on facets

Konstantin, Chris:


The WTP PMC met today and completed an initial round of voting for Eclipse ’07 long talk submissions. We would like to include material on WTP facets, which is a central concept for extenders and adopters of the WTP platform. The PMC would like to see both of you representing the material because of the difference in perspective that you will bring. We elected to accept 3817, the submission by Konstantin, but would very much like to see Chris appear as a co-presenter on the talk. If you agree to that, please ensure that Chris is listed on EclipseZilla, and the PMC would appreciate knowing your decision as well. I marked 3606 as declined for now, but if you merge the talks then you can also withdraw it with that as an explanation.


Thanks to both of you for your interest and contributions to this and previous EclipseCons. We look forward to seeing (and hearing) from you in March,


Tim Wagner, on behalf of the WTP PMC


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