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[wtp-pmc] Possible Regrets - Status for JEE5 and Eclipsecon

I am away at a project meeting in Spain - I will try but may not be able to attend the call.

Here is a brief summary of the JEE5 working group. Complete minutes are available at the wiki page:
-It was a very productive call. Couple of decisions were made and planned
- M4 will include EJB3 facet and a simple utility project that supports EJB3
- M5 will include JavaEE 5 facets and support for JEE 5 style deployment descriptors (sans annotation injection) - By M5 SAP will provide a design document for extensions required for JEE5 models. M5 may include preliminary extension point design. - By M6 solidify JEE5 support for WTP 2.0 - which is Java EE 5 facets and projects with models for XML deployment descriptors - no annotations our focus is to allow extenders and adopters to build their own JEE 5 support without WTP getting in the way.

EclipseCon - My votes for the talks and the panels are as follows


1. Adopting WTP
(I also voted for the Ajax Panel but agree with Bjorn's comment - who will be on the panel)

Long Talks ( Was very hard tp pick I wanted to add smt from php/rad rails but had to stick to WTP. My choices biased towards extending... talks):
1. Facets – 3817
2. ATF - 3683
3. Extending JSF - 3637
4. Axis2 - 3805
5. Web Services - 3820

Naci Dai,

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