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[wtp-pmc] Updates to WTP development process documents

Be sure to read/check and let me know if I "translated" anything wrong going from the plain text notes to the HTML form.
I did some editing I consider minor to organize things better and present in a clearer way, but if any of you feel I made
some substantial change, please let me know ... I'm sure it was unintentional.

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[wtp-dev] Updates to WTP development process documents

I have (finally) written in HTML form some of the development process documentation that the WTP PMC approved several weeks ago.
I'll still "polish" the documentation some, add a few more links, make proper headers and look and feel of our site, etc., but I think part that is read is, at least, readable :)

There is two main parts to it, one that describes how and when to introduce new APIs, etc., and the other that describes our Component Teams.

This is mostly to simply document "how we've been doing things" just to be explicit about it, but with just a few additional
constraints to emphasize stability and predictability for adopters.

I think over time, we can improve this sort of documentation, if we find clarifications are important and useful to you developers of WTP.
Feel free to open bugs with suggested improvements, or let us know if any questions.


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