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[wtp-pmc] FW: Slide deck for Dali presentation

I have (in PDT terms) 8am and 1pm free, could clear my 10am with a
little work and we could also "borrow" the 11am timeslot from Raghu's
JSF status call.


-----Original Message-----
From: Neil Hauge [mailto:neil.hauge@xxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2006 7:00 AM
To: Tim Wagner
Cc: Shaun Smith
Subject: Re: Slide deck for Dali presentation


I can make any time available on Monday.  I'm going to be headed out of 
town this afternoon, but I'll check my email tomorrow to see how the 
scheduling turns out.


Shaun Smith wrote:

> Yes, Monday would be ideal as I'll be on the road starting Monday 
> night.  Anytime after noon Eastern/9 Pacific is open.
>    Shaun
> Neil Hauge wrote:
>> Tim,
>> I think Monday would work best for me, and would give me a little bit

>> of time to alter the slide deck for the external review which is due 
>> on the 14th.
>> Shaun, I think you were available on Monday as well if I remember 
>> correctly, and out of town the rest of the week.  What is your 
>> availability on Monday?
>> Neil
>> Tim Wagner wrote:
>>> Looks like we're running long on JSF...probably should have expected
>>> this would happen.
>>> I'm completely booked after the rest of this week. What's your
>>> availability like next week, esp. Monday and Tuesday?
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Neil Hauge [mailto:neil.hauge@xxxxxxxxxx] Sent: Wednesday, 
>>> June 07, 2006 11:05 AM
>>> To: Tim Wagner
>>> Subject: Slide deck for Dali presentation
>>> Tim,
>>> I had put together a few slides for the presentation today.  In case

>>> there is a technical problem, I thought I would send them to you so 
>>> you could display them on the web conference or send them out if 
>>> needed.
>>> Neil

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