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Re: [wtp-pmc] DALI Review

+1 to the JPA runtimes comments. I also thought that these should be
registered at the workspace level like server runtimes and then
referenced from the facet on a per project basis.

Note the general pattern here: whenever there are multiple
implementation choices like servers, databases, JSF runtimes, JPA
runtimes, Web service runtimes, etc. these should be registered at the
workspace level via a Preference page and then referenced at the
project level via a facet. This is not how the Web service or server
tools currently work, but I think they should. This will unify they
way users configure projects. I think we should make this a theme for
WTP 2.0, i.e. to unify the user experience. Comments?

On 6/8/06, Naci Dai <naci.dai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
First of all, great work and very good documentation and here are my
initial comments - I will send more as I use them.

- I will repeat Arthur comments that DALI should be a facet that can be
added to Java utility, web projects, etc.  This will simplify the
process of adding/removing JPA to project, managing jars that are added,
and consolidate the wizards with project wizards based on selection of a
DALI facet.

- From the usability point of view I also did not know what to type for
the persistence provider name.  Was under the impression that I type
something that indicated toplink, hibernate etc.

- Similar to server runtimes, database runtime, webservice runtime
(axis) , it would be very useful to have a "runtime" concepts that
represents a JPA provider, this way the process of defining the jars,
and other specifics can be encapsulated and reduced to a selection in a

- I had couple of exceptions modal exception dialogs popup when I
created the first entity, but did not know that they were related to the
error in the problems view  (typed the schema name wrong).  I will open
a bugzilla fo it.

Naci Dai,

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