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Re: [wtp-pmc] support Component in Bugzilla

Arthur, I assume you mean both bugzilla and cvs?
In either case, I'd prefer "not" .. for a couple of reasons,
1) is there a long term developer-owner responsible for it? Normally, that's required to propose a new component.
2) even if the answer to '1' is "yes", then I'd suggest they form their own (opensource) project (either within their company, or Eclipse, etc.,).
General purpose support tools, as this one is, is not really within our WTP scope (or  current resources) and sounds like it would be
useful to many others besides "WTP" specifically.

If you were just looking for an existing bugzilla component to assign this to, then seems like the high level WST one is fine.

If teams want to provide informal, unsupported debugging aides, they can do that in a "development" directory of the component that owns it.

It does sound like "support in general"  could be worked into a full fledge top level Eclipse project, if companies were interested in that,
but for the sake of purity, it does not seem like "support tools" in general, is part of our WTP mission.

Just my comments.


Arthur Ryman <ryman@xxxxxxxxxx>
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05/15/2006 05:48 PM

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[wtp-pmc] support Component in Bugzilla

PMC Members,

We've been discussing support issues internally at IBM and we thought it might be a good idea to provide aids for diagnosing WTP problems. This would help support teams. For example, WTP uses .options files to control logging. A member of our support team wrote on article [1] on helping users debug problems, and he contributed a tool to us [2]. I put this in releng, but I'd like to create a new component called "support" for this purpose. Comments?



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