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Re: [wtp-pmc] Open server adapter contributions

In case of a contribution, is it the responsibility of the contributor to provide such a written consent? If the responsibility to get the consent is Eclipse Foundation's and therefore the accepting committer's, it makes accepting individual contributions of such nature burdensome.

Mike Milinkovich wrote:
I can promise you that the Eclipse Foundation cares deeply that we do not use the logos or trademarks of any company without their prior written consent. In the case of a specific Apache project (e.g. Geronimo), Apache does have stringent trademark guidelines in place that we would need to follow as well.

    >  * Only the organization who owns a logo/trademark can associate it
    >with a server runtime. This is necessary to protect the rights of the

    I don't think this is necessary for open source projects with
    friendly licenses such as Apache.


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