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Re: [wtp-pmc] Open server adapter contributions

-1 for significant code contributions at this late stage of WTP 1.5 development. We don't have much time left. We'd need to positive answers to these questions:

How much code are we taking about?
Do we have time to complete the legal due diligence on these contributions?
What is the support commitment from the contributors?
Are there JUnits contributed?

I think we could add URLs to remote server adapter update manager sites like Geronimo since this is miminal risk. We should encourage the contributors to set up Update Managers sites.

We want to encourage contribution but it's a little unrealistic of these contributors to expect us to add things now.

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04/25/2006 04:12 PM

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[wtp-pmc] Open server adapter contributions

I would like to get the PMC opinion on  two server adapter contributions
that are submitted via bugzilla.
The first contribution[ 1] is for Caucho Resin by Gunnar Wagenknecht
The second contribution[2] is for Pramati Server by Navalkumar

I would like to get the PMC opinion whether if we may continue to
distribute more server adapters in WTP or we should direct contributors
and accept these contributions as an installable server adapter.
Also what is our criteria for accepting those contributions ( other than
the technical ones, of course ).For example, To ensure a continuation of
support should we accept contributions from individuals or only from
that actually develop the servers?


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