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[wtp-pmc] Feature Freeze at M6 ok?

As discussed in today's PMC call, I have editing out wiki plan
to move "up" the feature freeze date to milestone 6. My memory was that this was always the intent, and no one
else could remember a reason not to have it coincide with out last milestone, instead of 2 weeks later.
Was this two weeks significant to anyone else? I'm 99% sure this is what development teams have been
planning for .. .but, will announce on wtp-dev and discuss at this weeks status call, if no PMC level issues.

* M6  -     April 14, 2006 (This is Feature Freeze except for JSF and Dali).
                          (this 4/14 date is also called both RC0 and RC1 in Callisto plan).
* RC2 -     April 28, 2006 (tiny grace period where any safe fix can be made).

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