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Re: [wtp-pmc] Agenda for March 7, 2006 telecon

As I said on today's call, the WTP usability study (project Antoine) has moved out of the pilot phases and is now looking for participants for the actual study. The study will require 100+ participants so anything we can do to promote it will be helpful.

The project website is located at


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03/07/2006 08:45 AM

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"WTP PMC communications (including coordination, announcements,  and Group discussions)" <wtp-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx>
[wtp-pmc] Agenda for March 7, 2006 telecon

Call Info: 866-214-3176 or 404-827-9098. Access code 8870689.
  • Community
    • Weekly report
    • Project sprint planning for EclipseCon
    • 1.5 plan does not seem to be accessible
    • Procedural items
      • Update on ATF proposal: creation review this Wednesday
      • IP review (see end of this message)
      • 1.0.2 Status
      • 1.5 / Callisto
        • Status / readiness for M5 (and EclipseCon) check
        • 1.5 plan migration to website / finalization and announcement
        • Callisto testing
        • Requirements – Status from Jochen:
        We had a meeting last Tuesday with participation from Genuitec, JBoss and Oracle.
         - meetings will be held every quarter year
         - requirements discussion for the web tools release after 1.5 will start on the requirements mailing list
         - documentation and prioritization will happen on the Eclipse wiki
         - better promote info on requirements on the webtools home page
         - provide link to bugzilla queries listing a) all open enhancement requests b) all open enhancements requests scheduled for the next major release
        Minutes for the meeting will be posted shortly.
        • Architecture (David)
        • Update on hotlist process
        • Additional topics
        Jochen sends his regrets for the meeting.
        Raghu sends his regrets for the meeting.
        IP Status Update:
        1.       Cactus. Status: approved, pending addition to WTP IP log.
        2.       Sybase contribution to JSF. Status: Approved.
        3.       Logo paperwork. Status: pending creation of release form from EMO.
        4.       WSIL schemas. (Dependent bug #127679) Status: pending EMO approval (contrib.. quest. submitted).
        5.       IBM DTDs and schemas. (Dependent bug #104086) Status: pending EMO approval (contrib. quest. submitted). Janet researching but pessimistic (in discussions with Adrian Cho of IBM legal).
        6.       IBM EMF models for JSF. Status: pending internal approval with IBM legal (no contrib.. quest. submitted yet)
        7.       Sun J2EE schemas/DTDs. Status: initial research complete; AI for Tim to see that contribution quest. is submitted to EMO.
        8.       Axis 1.3. Should be approved in 6 working days (Board quorum reached).
        Please remind your teams to raise any additional IP issues affecting 1.5. Janet’s workload is increasing, and adding novel issues late in the cycle is not likely to succeed.

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