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RE: [wtp-pmc] 2006 WTP Architecture Block Diagram

Tim, thanks for much for your comments. They were very helpful, and right on the point, so ... within the limits of my charting ability ... I implemented all of them.
Well, except I did leave in the "functional" part of the chart (e.g. SOA, AJAX) but then also included the name of the project (STF, AJT).

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02/24/2006 10:19 PM

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RE: [wtp-pmc] 2006 WTP Architecture Block Diagram

A few suggestions:
  • I would consider just dropping the special color for JSF, under the assumption that we’re drawing the architecture as it will exist circa 1.5/Callisto. You could indicate that it will be in a “less than 1.0 release” status somehow if you think that’s helpful.
  • I would treat Dali the same way as JSF, since circa 1.5 it will be in a similar state (WTP component in tech preview).
  • I would move AJAX into the dark grey (WTP) box, but give it a different color or outline to indicate “future” status. (Lighter blue color? Dashed outlines?)
  • For consistency, rename: SOA à STP, AJAX à ATF.
  • Suggest merging the downstream projects (STP, PHP, BIRT, TPTP) into a single dark blue box – I don’t see a need to distinguish between “current” and “future” w.r.t. our relationship to them, so I would label them something neutral and symmetric with “Prerequisite Projects” below…maybe just “Downstream projects”. (The current labels somehow suggest that we’re not really doing a good job of integrating with them)
  • DTP should go in the “Prerequisite Projects” box, using whatever “future indicator” (lighter color and/or dashed outline) you choose for Dali.
Thanks for working on this!

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