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[wtp-pmc] 2006 WTP Architecture Block Diagram

Here's my near final draft of our "2006 WTP Architecture" to put in the EMO's 2006 Eclipse Roadmap.
Well, a very high-level, simplistic block-diagram of an architecture, at least.

But, this is what Bjorn wants to collect from each top project as the Architecture portion of the Eclipse Roadmap document. And ... that document is supposed to be very high level.

I'd like to send to Bjorn late today (Friday) but could resend it on Saturday, if any of you have any late breaking comments or concerns. And, sorry I didn't give
more time for input/review.

I think its good, and correct, for what it is ... but, one thing I would like confirmation of, Raghu, is if it is "ok" to include JSF right there as if it is already part of the JST project.
If I recall correctly, I'm pretty sure that's what we've agreed to (in the "1.5 timeframe", which is what this document is for) and is the path we are currently on ... but didn't want to "jump the gun" or offend anyone by seeming to subsume projects. I did make it a special color to denote its special status :) ... but will likly tone that down a bit so its not so garish.

I will still tweak the fonts, layouts and colors before I send to Bjorn (but notes of gross spelling mistakes will still be appreciated :)

Or ... any other comments as well!

Looking back at last year's ... I can tell I've come a long way in my block diagram making ability :)


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