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[wtp-pmc] Re: [wtp-releng] Build Status and Plans: 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.5

"What is fixed"  reports will be switched to 1.0.1 baseline for reporting.  Meaning, 1.0.2 stream will have delta fixes from 1.0.1 and 1.5 will also be the same.


For your reference .. I tagged all projects used in final release of 1.0.1 with R1_0_1.
(I do not plan on archiving any of the weekly declared M-builds ... we'll just delete them).


I have also re-started the "M-builds" for 1.0.2 work (and, remember, just (still) release to the R1_0_mainteance branch of the map files
to include in a build .... don't forget to update your plugin to 1.0.2 if you make bug fixes. Also, you should check and make sure the
feature(s) it is "contained" in are bumped up to 1.0.2 as well. [Note: the zip files for our M-builds currently have TOO long of names,
see bug 129105 .. .I hope "we" get that fixed in next few days. ]


I have switched labels to use "S-1.5M5" in our builds, as we warm up to our M5 release. Please use care this week and only release
blocking and safe critical fixes this week. And .. TEST .. we don't want any embarrassing regressions!

As for Pre-reqs, its anticipated the base M5A build and EMF M5 will be ready later today (Friday) so will update to them,
once ready. I'm not sure about GEF and JEM plans, but know they will be shortly after. (Monday at latest).
None of these pre-req changes are expected to cause changes for us ... but ... we should test heavily once we have them

Thanks all!

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