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[wtp-pmc] IP requests for WTP 1.5 release

I’ve opened to track IP requests for the WTP 1.5 release. This includes JSF and Dali, which will be shipping as part of 1.5. Some reminders of how the Eclipse IP process works:


  • The EMO backlog/delay is considerable. Assume that March 1st (3/1/2006) is the effective deadline for all IP changes/requests for WTP 1.5.
  • All 3rd party jars, non-EPL source, and any contributions from non-committers or with non-EPL IP in them require Board scrutiny, a minimum 30 day hold, and legal signoff from Janet Campbell (EMO).
  • For WTP purposes, please ensure that bug 128808 includes an entry for additional requests (I currently have the Sybase contribution to JSF, Cactus jars, and Axis 1.3 listed).
  • I will work with the contributors of the changes to ensure that the WTP IP log is updated in advance of the WTP release review and that it passes muster with Janet and Bjorn.


Please take a moment and review your area to ensure that we are not missing anything. Thanks,





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