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[wtp-pmc] RE: Agenda for February 14, 2006 telecon

As a reminder, we also agreed last week to take a first pass this week on the logo contest results; see for the bug entry or the more convenient URL to view the submitted designs.


From: Tim Wagner
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2006 10:23 PM
To: 'WTP PMC communications (including coordination, announcements, and Group discussions)'
Subject: Agenda for February 14, 2006 telecon


Call Info: 866-214-3176 or 404-827-9098. Access code 8870689.



  • From Lawrence’s email: “Leah Findlater, a University of British Columbia PhD student, is about to start a usability study based on WTP. I'd like to request 5-10 minutes at this coming Tuesday's (Feb. 14) PMC meeting to introduce Leah and let her give the PMC a short overview of the study, its goals, and its requirements in order to educate the PMC on what she's going to be up to and get your 'blessing'.“
  • Community report
  • Procedural items
  • 1.0.1 Build/Release Status
  • 1.0.2 Discussion/Vote
  • 1.5/Callisto Status
  • Requirements (Jochen)
  • Architecture (David)
  • JSF status (Raghu)
  • Additional topics





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