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[wtp-pmc] minutes from Eclipse Council meetings

Planning Council Full Minutes:


Summary of impact on WTP:

  • We need to align with the rest of Callisto’s release numbering / scheduling. Schedule and numbers can be found at the link above. This will necessitate some changes in our planning documents and Bugzilla numbering.
  • We “join the train” mid January with our M0 release; recall that this is a minimal-delta release intended to just get us onto the 3.2 bits – no major new functionality or API adoption is anticipated.
  • After that we skip to “M5” on March 3rd to align with the numbering scheme used by all the Callisto projects. This is the milestone we will show at EclipseCon 2006, so it’s especially important that it be of high quality for demos there.
  • March 3rd is also our API freeze date
  • Rampdown (feature freeze) starts April 1st
  • Code freeze is targeted for June 1st


As we discussed on the PMC call last week, and demonstrated by the schedule above, we have very little window for change in WTP 1.5/Callisto, so I’d like to second Arthur’s call to make quality, further API definition, platform API adoption, and UI improvements the focus of this release. We may want to consider branching a “WTP 2.0” line off at some point to give more aggressive feature work that cannot be contained in Callisto a place to go. (Whether this becomes a “mid-term” release or next year’s release train is something we can discuss further as it takes shape.)


Architecture Council Raw Transcription notes are also attached in the form of two Word documents.


Attachment: AC Minutes 14-Dec-2005.doc
Description: AC Minutes 14-Dec-2005.doc

Attachment: AC Minutes 13-Dec-2005.doc
Description: AC Minutes 13-Dec-2005.doc

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