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December 2005 Planning Council Minutes

December 15, 2005, San Francisco, California

Present   Regrets

Ward Cunningham, Eclipse
Sri Doddapaneni, Intel, TPTP
John Duimovich, IBM
Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Eclipse
John Graham, Sybase, DTP
Richard Gronback, Borland
Kevin Haaland, IBM, Platform
Mika Hoikka, Nokia
Wenfeng Li, Actuate, BIRT
Jim Saliba, CA
Doug Schaefer, QNX, CDT
Paul Styles, Compuware
Tim Wagner, BEA, WTP

Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse
Doug Gaff, Wind River, DSDP

Georg Lenz, SAP
Mike Norman, Scapa

New Project-Info Metadata Format

The Callisto Simultaneous Release projects have agreed to use the new project-info metadata information by January 15, 2005. The new files will drive the dashboard, the Roadmap, the standard project left nav items, common project web pages, and other status information.

Conference Calls

The Callisto Simultaneous Release projects, along with the rest of the Planning Council, will meet by conference call as follows:

  • 3-Feb 8am PT/11am ET - CallistoM5 status
  • 10-Feb 8am PT/11am ET - CallistoM5 status
  • 19-Mar - face-to-face meeting before EclipseCon
  • 17-Mar 8am PT/11am ET - CallistoRC0 status
  • 24-Mar 8am PT/11am ET - CallistoRC0 status
  • 12-Apr 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC1 status
  • 19-Apr 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC2 status
  • 26-Apr 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC2 status
  • 3-May 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC3 status
  • 10-May 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC3 status
  • 17-May 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC4 status
  • 24-May 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC4 status
  • 31-May 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC5 status
  • 7-Jun 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC5 status
  • 14-Jun 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC6 status
  • 21-Jun 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC6 status

The call-in number is 613.287.8000 or 866.362.7064, passcode 874551#

Plan for the Callisto Simultaneous Release

The Callisto Simultaneous Release plan will be available at The goal of the Callisto Simultaneous Release is the simultaneous release of the following ten Eclipse projects:

The plan page will include:

  • Description of the Callisto Simultaneous Release and its goals
  • List of the included projects
  • Link to at least one tutorial/how to get started for each project. A five-to-ten minute "how to get started" is needed to help the community, especially those who may not have used a number of the Callisto projects before.
  • Instructions on how to download the Callisto Simultaneous Release (e.g., download the SDK and then use the Callisto update site)
  • Collective status, both from the project-info files and a summary status maintained by the Planning Council
  • Link to contest and great bugs page

ACTION [Bjorn FB] create the initial Callisto Simultaneous Release plan web page.

Callisto Update Site

David Williams will write the instructions and create any scripts necessary to have a single Callisto update site that all the Callisto Simultaneous Release projects can contribute to. This update site will have a single "Callisto Simultaneous Release" feature that will include all the simultaneously released projects' features. The project leads agree to have tested this mechanism by January 30th - this is testing the update mechanism only, there is no implication that the features on the update site will even work at this time.

ACTION [David W] create the Callisto update site and instructions

ACTION [All] test the mechanism by January 30th

Callisto Mailing List

Callisto build announcements, API changes, bug fix announcements, etc. will be announced via

ACTION [Bjorn FB] request the sysadmins to create the mailing list and then subscribe everyone

Callisto Milestone Numbers

All Callisto projects will use the same milestone numbers (in builds, in Bugzilla milestone targets, etc). We will do this even if we have to skip a milestone or two. For example TPTP will start the Callisto milestones with 4.2M4 and WTP will start with 1.5M5 rather than 1.5M1.

Callisto Schedule

The Callisto Simultaneous Release milestone and release candidate builds schedule is:

  • 17-Feb Platform M5
  • 24-Feb CDT, DTP, EMF, GEF, VE  M5
  • 3-Mar BIRT, GMF, TPTP, WTP M5
    • M5 is the API Freeze a.k.a. API Complete milestones. All projects except EMF, GEF, and VE have agreed to freeze their API at M5.
    • Starting with M5 (if not before) all projects will be testing with the entire Callisto distro. We will be looking for interference bugs; we will not be looking for bugs in other projects - in other words, each project is still responsible for the quality of their own work plus they are now responsible for the interference issues between projects.
    • Problems we know we need to look for include:
      • Conflicting editors for the same file extensions
      • Builders that run everywhere rather than just in their own nature
      • Duplicate and conflicting menu items
      • etc.
  • 20-23 Mar Announce Callisto Simultaneous Release to the community and ask for their help with testing
  • 1-Apr Platform RC0
  • 7-Apr CDT, DTP, EMF, GEF, VE RC0
  • 14-Apr BIRT, GMF, TPTP, WTP RC0
  • 14-Apr (all) RC1
    • For M5, the projects have a +0, +1, +2 week build schedule. Starting with RC1, the projects will aim for an (effectively) zero build delay.
    • Starting with RC1, each project will apply its own ramp-down rules. The Platform team used their  ramp-down policy for the 3.1 release. The Platform team will publish their new 3.2 ramp-down policy in January. Projects that do not have a ramp-down policy are encouraged to consider adopting one similar to the Platform's policy.
    • The Callisto projects have agreed to these firm rules about their ramp-down policies:
      • Any email that is sent to the project's specific rel-eng mailing list will also be sent to the callisto-rel-eng mailing list.
      • All ramp-down processes will use an API change rule that is the same as the Platform's. The one exception is that the CDT, EMF, GEF, GMF, and VE projects will use their project lead's approval in place of the PMC's approval.
  • 28-Apr (all) RC2
  • 12-May (all) RC3
  • 26-May (all) RC4
  • 16-Jun (all) RC5
  • 28-Jun (all) RC6

ACTION [Bjorn FB] work with the sysadmins on bandwidth issues for the Callisto milestones and release candidates

Callisto Contest

We discussed a number of contest ideas to generate excitement in the larger community around testing the Callisto Simultaneous Release. In the end we decided to create an Eclipse Callisto T-shirt and to give out a T-shirt to each person who submits a great bug report. We will have a page explaining great bug reports, i.e., clear, concise, sufficient detail, etc. Each week the Callisto PMCs will recommend great bugs to the EMO and the EMO will have the T-shirts sent. Each PMC can recommend any number of bugs each week, but they need to be great (not just good). This contest will start on March 4th (the first date the Callisto Simultaneous Release is available).

Each winner of a T-shirt is entered in a random drawing for a grand prize. There will be one random drawing for a grand prize per Callisto milestone and release candidate until we run out of grand prizes. Employees of the Foundation are not eligible. Employees of member companies ARE eligible. The pool of grand prize candidates is reset after each drawing. Multiple winners are allowed (if you're so lucky).

ACTION [Bjorn FB] Have T-shifts designed and manufactured

ACTION [Bjorn FB] Arrange for the purchase or donation of the (still secret) grand prize.

ACTION [Ward C] Write up the "what is a great bug" page

Language Packs

Each project continues to be responsible for its own language packs. The Callisto Simultaneous Release does not imply or require any particular support for other languages.

Service Packs

If the Callisto Simultaneous Release is successful and relatively pain-free, the Planning Council will discuss expanding the simultaneous release concept to service packs. We will also consider expanding Simultaneous Release to other projects, to more integration, to unified downloads, etc. However, these are all for the future - for today we are working on simply the simultaneous release of ten Eclipse projects.

Minutes taken and posted by Bjorn Freeman-Benson

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