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[wtp-pmc] Agenda for November 15, 2005 telecon


  • Procedural issues
    1. IP log ( update.
    2. Release review scheduled for Wednesday, November 16 at 9am PST. Revised slidedeck attached; final call for changes. See announcement below for call info.
  • 1.0 Status
    1. Defect report in slidedeck
    2. Quality and ship schedule discussion
    3. Endgame discussion (proposed endgame attached)
  • Requirements update
  • Architecture update (including API status discussion)
  • JSF project status update – see below from Raghu
  • Additional topics



Release Review Notice from Bjorn:


Release Review
A reminder to everyone that the WTP 1.0 Release Review is Wednesday, November 16th at 1700 UTC. The slides and Project Log are available on the website. The call in number is:
or   866.362.7064
passcode 874551#



JSF Status:

1) We are planning on  completing the build and doing a checkin by Friday (18th)

2) Sybase will review all the Eclipse code contribution guidelines and then publish a date when they can contribute code.

3) Sybase will give a demo of their feature in a future JSF status call.



1) I am waiting for clarification from you on the process to add a committer from Sybase. (Note from Tim: Need the email archive link and contact info to proceed.)

2) At the JSF status call, Arthur Ryman, expressed the need to make the development more 'visible'. I understand the issue and will take the required actions. I would like to clarify that we were being more cautious in our checkin policies.


Attachment: Eclipse WTP 1.0 Release Review.ppt
Description: Eclipse WTP 1.0 Release Review.ppt

From: Tim Wagner
Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2005 6:40 AM
To: 'WTP PMC communications (including coordination, announcements, and Group discussions)'
Subject: proposed rampdown calendar / release critiera for WTP 1.0 release

Post M9:

  • Any API changes (addition, deletion, or modification) require PMC approval
  • All checkins require a Bugzilla entry
  • PMC will review defect convergence on a weekly basis (daily as needed during final RC candidate production)


Between M9 and RC1:

  • All P1 bugs addressed, all P2 bugs reviewed for fix need prior to RC1 production
  • No API or infrastructure changes; updates to UI ok


November 25:

  • RC1 produced
  • Bug fixes and UI changes only (versus M9)
  • All checkins must have Bugzilla entry
  • Component lead must code review and approve all fixes (enter into Bugzilla record and checkin notes)


December 2:

  • RC2 produced
  • Same rules as above, plus P1/2 only can be addressed
  • Changes communicated to wtp-dev mailing list


December 9:

  • RC3 produced
  • P1 only can be addressed
  • Component lead and PMC must approve all changes (versus RC2)
  • All changes communicated to wtp-dev mailing list


December 16:

  • 1.0 GA release by renaming RC3
  • If ship-killer (no workaround) defects are discovered in RC3, we will produce an RC4 and restart the one-week test period


Release criteria:

  • No P1’s admitted (i.e., no ship-killer defects known)
  • All automated tests passing on final RC
  • Tier-1 platforms have been tested
  • All component leads sign off on individual components
  • PMC votes to release


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