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[wtp-pmc] PMC Status call: I will have to leave at 7.45 am..

Hi Tim,

I will attend the first 45 mins of the meeting. In case we don't get to the JSF status, here is summary:

1) We are planning on completing the build and doing a checkin by Friday (18th) 2) Sybase will review all the Eclipse code contribution guidelines and then publish a date when they can contribute code.
3) Sybase will give a demo of their feature in a future JSF status call.

1) I am waiting for clarification from you on the process to add a committer from Sybase. 2) At the JSF status call, Arthur Ryman, expressed the need to make the development more 'visible'. I understand the issue and will take the required actions. I would like to clarify that we were being more cautious in our checkin policies.


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