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[wtp-pmc] SOA Tools Project Proposal

I was reviewing the proposal from IONA [1] and it appeared to me that there was some overlap with the scope of WTP. The proposal includes work on several Web services specifications, including WS-Security, WS-Policy, WS-AT, etc. These specs are not specific to SOA and therefore are in the scope of WTP.

The SOA project plans to build on the WTP WSDL editor to handle the extensions for these specs. I suggest that we take the position that the work should be hosted in WTP since it is in the WTP charter. On the other hand, the SOA project also plans to support many non-standard WSDL bindings, ie JMS, MQ, Tibco, CORBA . Those belong in the SOA project since there is no standard for them.

We should offer to host the development of extensions to WTP that are independent of SOA and are industry standards. In addition to the WSDL editor extensions, we should also extend the WSDL validator and the SOAP message monitor to handle the additional standards.

The upside is that the IONA developers would become contributors to WTP and eventually committers, and they would be able to enhance the WTP tools to make them more suitable for the other SOA extensions.


Arthur Ryman,
IBM Software Group, Rational Division

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