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[wtp-pmc] Minutes of PMC Telecon, 2005-08-23

Attendees: Arthur Ryman, David Williams, Naci Dai, Lawrence Mandel
Regrets: Tim Wagner (attending Eclipse planning meeting)


1. Ecosystem Update

        - the FAQ page has been updated
        - tte Community page will be updated soon
        - most tutorials have been updated to reflect WTP 0.7 content
        - there has been great feedback on WTP 0.7 in the newsgroup, frequent posts, good discussions, problem reports captured as bugs
        - Help system contributions have been received from Christoph Krawczyk and Christopher Judd
        - EclipseWorld is being held in New York next week and there are many WTP presentations
        - EclipseCon 2006 has issued a call for submissions, please ask your colleagues to contribute abstracts

2. WTP 0.7.1 Release Status

David        - the NL fixes have been made
Naci         - looks like non-NL fixes have also been committed
Arthur         - we need to limit fixes to NL and sever problems
        - we have not formally committed to a 0.7.1 release
        - we need to establish the demand from adapters and end users
        - if we do have a formal 0.7.1 release, we should synchronize it with Eclipse 3.1.1

[action] Arthur to followup on demand for a 0.7.1 release [1]

3. WTP 1.0 Release Planning

Arthur        - we need to firm up our plans and establish the API set we will release
        - see the roadmap for 1.0 priorities [2]:

    * Promote selected provisional APIs to platform status based on vendor requirements.
    * Componentize WTP into Features to enable adopters to select subsets of function.
    * Fix National Language bugs.
    * Fix Accessibility bugs.
    * Fix other important bugs, with high priority given to those required by adopters.
    * Upgrade Help system content.

David        - agreed, with the understanding that performance problems are included under "other important bugs"
        - I've been working on the Feature definition
Naci        - agreed
Arthur        - any planned enhancements in addition to bugs?
Naci        - possibly a CMP EJB creation wizard
        - some Web service enhancements are being planned
David        - possibly spell checking and folding, subject to sizing and resource

[action] Arthur to send out note requesting component leads to update their milestone plans and to map APIs to milestones

David        - the recent build breaks have been mainly caused by JUnit timeouts, but are otherwise stable
        - the builds may destabilize as more code gets committed

4. Release Engineering

David        - we resolved the treatment of maintenance (M) builds
        - they are treated like integration builds

Naci        - I've need refactoring the build scripts and and documenting the process
        - we need to have reproducible builds that can be run locally
        - I am restructuring the tasks so they are more modular
        - I've been assessing Maven, which is widely used at Apache, as a way to simplify our build scripts

5. Charter Revisions

Arthur        - Mike proposal a delta to our revisions in the area of working on draft standards
        - the terms of use of the draft standards must be consistent with our use in Eclipse
Naci        - agreed
David        - agreed

[action] Tim to make the change and resubmit to Mike for approval

6. WTP 1.5 Planning

Arthur        - see roadmap [2]
        - Eclipse 3.2 is proposing a train
        - projects can opt in to a coordinated release
        - recommend we opt in
        - to catch the train we need to move up our milestone dates by 2 weeks
David        - agree
Naci        - agree
Arthur        - I'll update the roadmap now, but we should wait for a PMC quorum to formally opt it

[action] Tim to review Eclipse 3.2 planning with PMC and hold vote on opting in


7. Architecture Update

David        - I am working on a proposal for Feature definition in WTP 1.0 and will post it soon
Arthur        - can we target this for 1.0 M8?
David        - yes, but not completely due to some additional refactoring work

8. Other Business

Naci        - Gorkem has developed a PDE tool to aid ISVs in creating server adapters
David        - has the PMC agreed to support this type of tool
Arthur        - this will help promote the adoption of WTP APIs and extension points
        - we should encourage this type of tool for all of our extension points
David        - I suggest we start by packaging this type of tool in the SDK examples  directory of each component

David        - should be be providing zips for each Feature?
        - if so, can we use CVS to host them?
Arthur        - CVS is not good for binaries since it can't diff them and the server isn't mirrored
        - why not have a single binary zip and let adopters extract binaries from it?
David        - OK, we won't build mulriple zips for now

Arthur Ryman,
IBM Software Group, Rational Division

phone: +1-905-413-3077, TL 969-3077
assistant: +1-905-413-2411, TL 969-2411
fax: +1-905-413-4920, TL 969-4920
mobile: +1-416-939-5063, text: 4169395063@xxxxxxx

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