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[wtp-pmc] Revised WTP charter for Eclipse Board consideration



Please ask the Eclipse Board of Directors to consider this revision to the WTP charter on behalf of the WTP PMC.


In the attached zip you will find:


  • Revised WTP Charter.html – the revised content of the charter. “images/subprojects.gif” is required to view this page.
  • Original Charter.htm – the original (current charter). Files in the “Original Charter_files” directory are required to view this page.
  • Delta.doc – a Word document showing the differences between the two charter files above as markup. (Normative material; “Revised WTP Charter.html” should be considered definitive.)


These are the modifications we discussed previously and which the WTP PMC has voted to accept. I will be on vacation through 8/19; please address any logistical questions or problems to the WTP PMC mailing list in the interim.


In the event of problems that prevent the acceptance of this revision in its entirety in the August meeting, please make a request to the Board that at least the modification to accept additional subprojects be granted, so that the JSF project can proceed subsequent to its creation review.


Thanks for your help in this matter,



Tim Wagner, on behalf of the WTP PMC



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