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[wtp-pmc] Small change for RC4

Fellow members,

During some routine "sanity checking" I noticed a mismatched version of expected code and actual code.
Tracing through its history (with the help of Lawrence and Craig) it appears the right code was actually
included in RC1 or just before it (and even tested by me!) ... but somehow a map file was incorrectly
edited (or auto-merged by cvs) that caused the previous version to be included in current builds, instead of
the one that included fixes for these two important bugs.

103611 blo P2  internet cache didn't work on Linux
103819 cri P2  User can appear "locked" in License Loop if they "decline".

In fact, we've already had a report of a regression on RC3 due to this
(see 105082 New Dynamic Web Project fails if MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME is not set ).

Since this isn't really "new code" (though, I'll admit very recent) I plan to go ahead and
build RC4 with the correct version of the internet cache plugin to pick up these fixes for Linux.

If anyone has any concerns with this plan, please let me know ... quick!


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