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[wtp-pmc] Oracel's JSR 220 / ORM technology project creation review

Slidedeck attached.


Some additional comments from the Q&A:


  • They see differences between their approach and Versant’s; ultimately, the two projects will need to work together on some core issues, but they are not coordinating their development activities as a whole into a single project.
  • Oracle’s project is developer (and source) focused; their plan is to graduate to WTP’s JST project as another type of J2EE API. (Contrasted with Versant’s plans to graduate to DTP and align more with data tooling and visual representation of O-R mappings.)
  • No dates are present on their milestone page, but M1 is roughly done, M2 is roughly August, and M3 is roughly September. M4 is less well defined at this point.
  • I encouraged them to integrate with the APT component and provide requirements/feedback ASAP, since planning for 3.2 work in that area is already in flight and they obviously have a strong need for annotation-based support in this project.
  • They have not looked closely at the existing EMF models in WTP for EJBs, but believe their modeling work to date is largely orthogonal.


Arthur, please add anything I’ve missed.




Attachment: Eclipse%20EJB%203.0%20ORM.pdf
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