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[wtp-pmc] JSR 220 (Versant) creation review



I had an action item from yesterday’s call to attend the JSR 220 creation reviews and ask about the overlap with WTP. Robert Greene (Versant) indicated the following:


  • RDB models (but that’s moving to DTP ultimately)



  • Deployment side: artifacts like the new-to-JSR220 “PAR” file will need to be consumed by tools in WTP that know how to deploy them to app servers


Robert also indicated his general perception that this technology project in the whole would most likely graduate to DTP because the surface area with the database APIs is larger than the expected J2EE API surface area.


Oracle’s creation review is next week. David was also present at the Versant review, so you can also ask him for his perspective. The slide deck is attached for your review; there is a graphical architecture diagram on page 3.




Attachment: JSR220_ORM_Creation_Review.pdf
Description: JSR220_ORM_Creation_Review.pdf

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