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[wtp-pmc] Re: endgame process update


With some concern about doing the help build before 0.7. I would have preferred to do it post 0.7. However, we have a couple of longa days infront of use so shoudl not be an issue.

Looks good to me. And, not that you need to include it in note, but "auto mode" of cruise control will be turned off the final week, so builds only done upon request. (Hopefully, by then we will have "documentation builds" but would not effect code -- Naci, I don't think you were on the PMC call, but I believe Lawrence will need some help getting that set up well, Jeffrey will help him some, but I'd like your active involvement to keep the builds "clean and eclipse-like").

As for platforms, I don't see any alternative to a tiered approach .... in fact, in general, we do not have the resources to test all platforms. I'm not even sure we need a "Tier 2 release" ... just an honest statement that "we've tested on Linux and Windows" and some warm langauage that we will of course address bugs found on other platforms, if they are only reproducible on those platforms and not reproducible on windows or linux. Of course, if you have folks that could validate on other platforms, that'd be great.


*"Tim Wagner" <twagner@xxxxxxx>*

07/19/2005 11:20 AM

	David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS, "Naci Dai" <naci.dai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
	endgame process update


David, Naci –
This is what I was thinking of sending to the dev list. Please augment/modify as needed. One additional concern I have is that we may not have sufficient time to validate on all the “official” platforms. Are you comfortable with a Tier 1 release of 0.7 where we validate only on the platforms in normal use in our development shops, and then a later Tier 2 release where we complete validation on the remaining configurations supported by the Eclipse platform? I meant to ask this on the call earlier. Thanks, -t WTP Developers, We’re heading into the final stages of shipping 0.7. This is an update on the calendar of events and the rules of engagement as we try to get our initial product ship out the door. *Tuesday 19 – Thursday 21: Final WTP bug fixing; cutoff is 8pm EDT Thursday*
*Friday 22: RC2 available (planned ETA is 9am EDT); RC2 testing begins*
*Monday 25: RC2 respin with final JEM version (no behavior should change)*
*Tuesday 26 – Thursday 28: Validation and platform testing for GA*
*Friday 29: 0.7 GA declared and posted*
* *
If stop ship problems are encountered while testing RC2, the process is:

    * Raise the problem to the affected component lead; the defect
      entry must contain a patch with the proposed fix
    * If the component lead agrees, s/he will escalate to the WTP PMC
      and provide a rationale for the fix and a brief overview of the
      change impact analysis
    * The PMC will convene (via email) and vote; once a quorum is
      reached, the bug will either be deferred or the change
      permitted. If permitted, a new RC is created and the final
      testing process resumes. The release date may need to be
      adjusted as well.

Thanks to everyone for your hard work towards making our initial release successful! -t

Naci Dai,
eteration a.s. Inonu cad. Sumer sok. Zitas D1-15
Kozyatagi, Istanbul 34742
+90 (533) 580 2393 (cell)
+90 (216) 361 5434 (phone)
+90 (216) 361 2034 (fax)

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