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[wtp-pmc] Architecture Group Status Notes

FYI .. feel free in include in PMC notes as appropriate.

We met on 3/24.

Two Problem areas discussed and resolved.

88013 csalter@xxxxxxxxxx david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx [arch] Should tabbed property sheet be API
88016 deboer@xxxxxxxxxx david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx [arch] Should web browser (view) be in base?

The first resulted in WTP request for Eclipse 3.2
89087 Platform-UI-Inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx WTP Request for Tabbed Properties Page in base UI component
The second was resolved by base Eclipse picking up browser API for 3.1.

We further discussed our groups mandate, how we can help development teams.

Began discussion of how to structure "component's open house".

Full notes in


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