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[wtp-pmc] Fw: Minutes from 3/24 DTP Meeting

Arthur Ryman,
Rational Desktop Tools Development

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----- Forwarded by Arthur Ryman/Toronto/IBM on 03/28/2005 03:40 PM -----

03/24/2005 05:06 PM

Karl.Reti@xxxxxxxxxx, rcernich@xxxxxxxxxx, Hung.Hsi@xxxxxxxxxx, wli@xxxxxxxxxxx, Arthur Ryman/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA, igor.shabalov@xxxxxxxxxx, dpchou@xxxxxxxxxx, ajciccon@xxxxxxxxxx, nelin@xxxxxxxxxx
Minutes from 3/24 DTP Meeting


Rob Cernich (Sybase)
Anthony Ciccone (IBM)
Der Ping Chou (IBM)
John Graham (Sybase)
Hung Hsi (Sybase)
Wenfeng Li (Actuate)
Karl Reti (Sybase)
Arthur Ryman (IBM)
Igor Shabalov (Exadel)


  John spoke to Bjorn regarding  the time lines for the DTP proposal.
  Bjorn explained that a project should remain in the proposal phase for
  as long as the community has issues to discuss about its formation. For
  DTP, this means that the time lines discussed last week are acceptable
  to the Eclipse EMO.

  John explained that Sybase is currently making progress to provide
  source access for its proposed open source DTP components. Further
  updates on this effort will follow.

  A new proposed DTP subproject -- Data Modeling Tools -- was introduced
  and described. Also initial discussions with HiT Software about
  XML/Relational mapping contributions were mentioned. A discussion around
  project portfolio management then started. John explained that the DTP
  proposal was written with stages intended. Der Ping commented that we
  should be careful to insure that contributions enable actual work to
  occur in DTP, rather than simply suggestions or advice. Arthur suggested
  that Data Modeling efforts are a bit premature given the nascent GMF
  project proposal, and that perhaps data modeling efforts should first
  work with GMF and build data modeling in an incubator project. The group
  seemed to agree that this would be a good initial positioning of data
  modeling with respect to DTP.

  Der Ping announced that WTP M4 has a generic DDL generator supporting
  all WTP-supported databases. This component walks through selected
  elements and generates SQL 99/03-standard DDL.

   Discussion around the Database Administration subproject: John wondered
  about the community appetite for this functional area. Der Ping and Igor
  noted that foundational components in other DTP projects enable
  administration functionality. Der Ping also noted that the WTP SQL model
  has extension points for database definition models and that the Server
  Explorer can be extended to db administration tasks. Igor suggested that
  we concentrate on getting the foundational frameworks and tools in place
  first, and then possibly look to db administration at a later stage.

  Igor asked for a mailing list covering the members of this meeting. John
  took as an action item to speak with Bjorn about this.

  To accommodate scheduling requirements, the technical review meetings
  (between the suggested code bases) will start the week after next (the
  week of 4/4). John will organize the group next week, and schedule the
  first meeting for the following week.

John Graham
Staff Software Engineer
Sybase (978) 287-1634

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