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Re: [wtp-incubator-dev] Propose to name David Carver as WTP Incubator Project Lead


Am 21.06.11 18:24, schrieb David M Williams:
> I propose that we name David Carver as the WTP Incubator Project Lead
> (replacing myself).
> The process to select a new leader is described in the Eclipse
> Development Process
> <>:
> "The initial project leadership is appointed and approved in the
> creation review. Subsequently, additional Project Leads must be elected
> by the project's Committers and approved by the Project's PMC and the
> EMO(ED)."
> So, committers on WTP Incubator project, please reply here to
> wtp-incubator-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx, to signify your agreement, or not, with
> this nomination. The WTP PMC has already agreed (subject to the
> committers' vote). This mailing list vote will remain open for 1 week,
> at which time, if there are no objections, I'll forward the information
> and nomination on to EMO(ED) (Mike Milinkovich) for his approval.
> This nomination is a result of Dave effectively, but unofficially,
> leading the project, or many of its components, for at least a year or
> two, if not more!  My apologies for not seeing this natural fit earlier
> and publically recognizing Dave's work on this project.
> I'm sure we would all agree Dave has advanced the cause of "incubation"
> in many ways at Eclipse, and especially in the WTP Incubator project,
> first with XSL (graduating to WTP Source Editing project) as well as
> Vex, XQuery Development Tools, and others.
> So, please join me in supporting this nomination.
> Thank you,
> (And, thank you, Dave, for your many contributions and leadership at
> Eclipse!)
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