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[wtp-incubator-dev] Propose to name David Carver as WTP Incubator Project Lead

I propose that we name David Carver as the WTP Incubator Project Lead (replacing myself).

The process to select a new leader is described in the Eclipse Development Process: "The initial project leadership is appointed and approved in the creation review. Subsequently, additional Project Leads must be elected by the project's Committers and approved by the Project's PMC and the EMO(ED)."

So, committers on WTP Incubator project, please reply here to wtp-incubator-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx, to signify your agreement, or not, with this nomination. The WTP PMC has already agreed (subject to the committers' vote). This mailing list vote will remain open for 1 week, at which time, if there are no objections, I'll forward the information and nomination on to EMO(ED) (Mike Milinkovich) for his approval.

This nomination is a result of Dave effectively, but unofficially, leading the project, or many of its components, for at least a year or two, if not more!  My apologies for not seeing this natural fit earlier and publically recognizing Dave's work on this project.

I'm sure we would all agree Dave has advanced the cause of "incubation" in many ways at Eclipse, and especially in the WTP Incubator project, first with XSL (graduating to WTP Source Editing project) as well as Vex, XQuery Development Tools, and others.

So, please join me in supporting this nomination.

Thank you,

(And, thank you, Dave, for your many contributions and leadership at Eclipse!)

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