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Re: [wtp-incubator-dev] XQDT Newby Question -- "Interpreter runner not found"

Hi Barry,

Saxon defines its own debugging protocol that XQDT does not support yet. Can you use another XQuery engine?


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Date: 03/15/2011 12:33 PM
Subject: [wtp-incubator-dev] XQDT Newby Question -- "Interpreter runner not found"
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Hi –

I am trying to come up to speed with XQDT. I have installed it on Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) and have also installed the Saxon interpreter to run with it.

I have also gotten an example to run ( … no problem.

I then tried to exercise the debugger using “Debug as…” and I failed. I get a message box entitled “Interpreter runner not found” with the message “Interpreter runner not specified for install ‘Saxon.’ and mode ‘debug’.

I’m not sure what this means. So far, I have configured the Saxon9.3.0.4-HE interpreter as the Java XQuery Engine in the XQuery preferences dialog.

But that’s it. I haven’t changed any other settings.

Can someone point me to documentation on this??

Also, is “Sausalito” related to this somehow?? It seems to have come along with the XQDT install.


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