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Re: [wtp-incubator-dev] Reg Vex

Hi Priya,

so you want to implement something similar to the content assist (Ctrl+Space) but the XHTML elements to add/insert at the current cursor position should be permanently visible. Please have a look at the content assist:
which is triggered by

Happy coding,


3/21/2011 6:06 PM, unim kumar:
Hi Holger,

I wanted to give an user interface for each xhtml tags in vex which gets
the the input from user and blend it vex editor,
instead of right clicking and adding element ,user can select the tags
form palette and add it.


--- On *Mon, 21/3/11, Holger Voormann * wrote:

    From: Holger Voormann
    Subject: Re: Reg Vex
    To: "unim kumar" <shagin_12@xxxxxxxxxxx>, "WTP Incubator Dev list"
    Date: Monday, 21 March, 2011, 3:25 PM

    Hi Priya,

    If I understand it right then you want to render your own control (not
    only styled text) inside a Vex document? Probably this is similar to
    recently added support for images. The PDF document
    ""; describes how
    to do this but it is outdated.

    Best regards,


    3/21/2011 5:33 PM, unim kumar:
     > Hi Holger,
     > Thanks for the response.
     > am actually developing a palette for xhtml document in vex ,
    which will
     > have xhtml controls in it.I have designed a palette view . Now when
     > clicking on to the control it will ask for corresponding control
     > details. Till this i have completed.
     > Now after getting the details it has to add the xhtml control in the
     > editor part. This is where am strucked up with.Am not able to get
     > connected with the vex coding part.I tried up a lot.
     > So this is it.Am seriously very much in need of help.Can u help me
     > out.Please.....
     > Regards
     > Priya.

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