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[wtp-dev] Website links to wiki are not working with HTTP

Hi All, 

With Google Chrome on Windows, all the HTTP links from the Eclipse WebTools pages are not working. Only the HTTPS links are working.

As an example:
Open and click on the "Wiki' link. This opens a blank page.

when I open the page I see a blank page.
I can see the wiki page only using the HTTPS protocol. 

I verified this problem occurs only in Chrome for windows. 
The problem does not happen in Chrome for Mac.
The problem does not happen in Firefox and Explorer for Windows. 

As Chrome for windows probably represents the 33% of website users, I write to show the issue and ask: How many other Chrome users on windows (or Linux) have the same problem?

Best Regards,

Ing. Patrik Suzzi
Consultant Software Engineer,
Eclipse Platform Committer

mobile: +39 333 3979300

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