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[wtp-dev] Improve JSON API, Databinding to provide advanced PDE like editor

Hi Guys,

I have developped an advanced editor inside for tsconfig.json. See

Here a demo:

The UI checboxes, text field, tables are bounded to the JSON Document.

There are several bugs with synch of IJSONModel so sometimes you could have some troubles with UI which is not synced. To bind UI to the JSON Model, I have implemented JFace Databinding for JSON. See

I think we should really improved JSON API to update the JSON document, because with the existing API, we cannot update easily the JSON (I had to update JSON with document.replace, so ugly code -()

IMHO, I thinlk package.json, bower.json should provide the same advanced editors. To do that we could:

 * improve synch of JSON model
 * provide a very clean API for update JSON document
 * provide JFace Databinding for JSON
 * provide Eclipse Forms utilities that we could use for any JSON editors which wish to provide advanced editors like I have done for tsconfig.json

What do you think about that?

Regard's Angelo

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