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Re: [wtp-dev] Simplify WTP sub-project setup?

Hi Daniel,

you are bringing up several points which are not closely related to my
suggestion for combining the sub-projects of WTP. This is mainly an
organisational suggestion, not a technical one.

For the code changes you suggesting, I suggest you open bugs and
attach patches to them.

Best regards, Lars

On Mon, Sep 26, 2016 at 8:48 PM, Daniel Kasmeroglu
<daniel.kasmeroglu@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Lars,
> I agree with your suggestion to combine several projects but I am not aware
> of any plans of this sort (I'm just starting to dive into the wtp project).
> Therefore I can't tell what others on this list do think about it.
> Speaking for myself: I don't know the plans of the other participants but I
> hope to make some contributions (although only starting with November when I
> got some time off). I personally believe that we should follow this outline
> in order to get WTP into a modern state (at least that's my personal goal
> for the next Eclipse release):
> * Make all projects maven-only: I don't like the idea that we're using
> eclipse configuration files and maven project descriptions together. Maybe
> others have different opinions on that but I think developers nowadays are
> used to check something out and just run "maven clean install". Feedback is
> obviously welcome.
> * Fix all basic issues: Loading the code base into Eclipse shows a lot of
> issues such as unnecessary imports, casts, null checks etc. Since these are
> trivial kinds of issues they should be fixed right away.
> * Combine projects that make sense to be combined (the sourceediting
> repository is such a candidate).  I'm aware that other developers might have
> different feelings about it.
> * Use Java 8. That's my primary goal but I think the other stuff should come
> first. I really like Java 8 ;-)
> @Others
> What is the exact procedure for reviews? I've just took a quick look at
> which had been assigned to Dimitar
> Giormov. I personally would reject this commit purely on the basis that the
> modification adds multiple duplications. However it could be
> argued that the reviewer could refactor the code afterwards to get rid of
> these duplications. What would be the right mindset in the context of WTP?
> Apart from that: Is there any list which shows who's responsible for which
> project?
> Bye
> Am 26.09.2016 um 12:07 schrieb Lars Vogel:
>> Hi,
>> seems to have a lot of
>> subprojects, but lots of them seem not very active.
>> Are there plans to combine sub-projects to simplify the committer setup?
>> We have done this in the Eclipse platform project with several
>> projects which had only a very small number of committers, e.g. ua,
>> runtime and text were merged into platform.ui and I think this helped
>> a lot.
>> This might help with issues like Robert having problems to get his
>> patches accepted
>> (
>> Best regards, Lars
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